Hiraeth EP

by Cullen

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This EP consists of the first songs I've ever written and can best be summarized by this poem that I wrote:

Upon thy sky lies a mystery bein'
This spirit's mind is colour beyond sight
Astray I find myself not when present
Within your touch lies something forbidden
Forbidden, at worst, is worth the dire
Another silhouette rises and looms
Alas, this ghastly figure is not you
Lady, an alluring one, could not bide
Time, her time, a small flame upon some walls
Blind eye precedes a thousand works of life
She is art in any of her true forms
No single one illuminates quite like
This piece evokes in me a word of love


released December 15, 2016

Bass by Greg Jarvis
Drums on "Communique" by Daniel Haupert
"Roslyn"- Music and lyrics by Bon Iver and St. Vincent



all rights reserved


Cullen Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Traipse
We're floating in reverse again my love
You're making a mess of things like you always do
We're running round in circles saying hurtful words that we know aren't true
But just breathe
Oh just breathe

We're slowly but surely breaking my dear
Did you ever even love me or was it all pretend
The light that flickers in your eyes is faulting and now it's gone
But just breathe
Oh just breathe

Words fueling fires, that's all we'll ever be x3
Track Name: Hiraeth
Earth she calls my name once more
A longing look to heed the poor/pour
Land beseeched for a stay prolonged
Fair lady arrived thus my home had gone
All sever the lust and yearning
Man's vision aches for what never was

Looming moons care to eye the hills
Sun's lovely lamps cater so still
Embraced both by craft proved quite akin
Alas, amour to be forsaken
Perhaps a time could prove adequate
Seeking refuge only to find kenopsia
Track Name: Communique
I beg of you my dear friends
To wake up and gander at the smog
But oh no more!
Another day, another crisis
But look! Men's scarves are half-off

Aren't we so cozy
Living life through the looking glass
Where we love just to love

Where severe neck pains and personal gains
Are far less detrimental


I was living the American Dream
And then I woke up

Acting trivial isn't warped as it seems
But I've had enough

Now let's pause for a brief moment of quiet reflection

Me with my critical insight and constant search for poetic meaning
You with your absurdly overpriced rain jacket in the drizzle of the evening

I suspect we'll lay in this bed 'till your sex appeal has faded with my memory

So let's run away now
The devil won't wait 'till morning